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SOF Rescue Kit

SOF Rescue Kit

Includes one Combat Rescue Sling ® (CRS®) , 50′ 8mm PER, low profile sewn loop eye with one fast-action ISC two-stage locking carabineer, one non-locking utility carabineer, multifunction / multi-deployment rope bag with integrated kangaroo pouch for CRS®.

  • Complete kit makes a high anchor system
  • Meets NFPA 1983 (06 ED)
  • Multiple carry options with rapid release system.
Color: Black

    Ideal for full spectrum Hasty Rescue Options:

    • High anchor casualty removal system Bail Out ( Individual /Team)
    • Hasty linear 2-1 System
    • Rapid stairwell casualty removal
    • Throw bag
    • Confined space / low-vis search
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