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Special Operations Forces Rescue Kit (SOF-RK)

Special Operations Forces Rescue Kit (SOF-RK)


Includes one Special Operations Combat Rescue Sling (SOF-CRS®), 50 ft. of 7mm EGRESS-TAC Personal Escape Rope, Non-Locking utility Carabiner, Multi-function / Multi-Deployment rope bag with integreted kangaroo pouch for the SOF-SCR®).  EGRESS-TAC rope is complete with low-profile sewn loop eye and 2-Stage autolocking snap (Strength:  6,070 lbf / 27 kN).


    Ideal for hasty rescue options:

    • High Anchor casualty removal
    • Bail out (individual / team)
    • Hasty Linear 2:1 system
    • Rapid Stairwell Casualty removal
    • Throw Bag
    • Confined Space / Low Visibilty Search
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